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    Shaffer Asset Management is a Registered Investment Advisory firm dedicated to individuals, small businesses and non-profit organizations. We aim to develop a unique portfolio within your fully transparent, separately managed account. Our Absolute Investment Strategies program is designed for "ABSOLUTE RETURN" which we believe should give you the opportunity to make money regardless of equity and/or bond market directions.

    ABSOLUTE RETURN: An outright return achieved irrespective of overall market direction. Whereas traditional investments typically measure their success in terms of whether they track or outperform a key market benchmark or index (relative returns), alternative investment strategies aim to achieve outright positive returns irrespective of whether asset prices or key market indices rise or fall (i.e. absolute returns rather than relative returns).

    Our "SHAFFER MARKET REPORT" is ranked the #1 Bond Timer for the Year for 2015 by Timer Digest.


    August 26, 2016 - Dan Shaffer on "Wall Street Week" on the Fox Business Network

    Performance of the "Absolute Investment Strategies" Separately Managed Account Program is tracked by the following data services:

    Bloomberg: Ticker SHAAISP
    LCG Associates

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    If you would like more information about our investment methodology or would like to discuss having us manage your individual account, please call us at (800) 430-0234 or e-mail us at dans@shafferasset.com.