When I subscribe, how do I receive the Shaffer Market Report?
The report is sent weekly on Mondays (Tuesdays if Monday is a US Holiday) via email as an Adobe (PDF) attachment directly to your subscription email address. There is no access to the report online or on our website and no login or password is required.

Does the Shaffer Market Report give specific stock or other recommendations?
The Report is not a stock picking service. Our analysis does not recommend specific investments but merely analyzes current market structures to help you study and determine which investments you would like to make.

Who uses the Shaffer Market Report?
From direct discussions, we know that our subscribers range from individual traders, people who are managing their own money and professionals in the financial industry managing other peoples’ money. We don’t know specifically what our subscribers professions are unless they have contacted us and shared that information with us.

Can I use your service to time my investments?
Though we don’t advocate any particular investment philosophy, our services may give you an edge in your own decision process.

Does the Shaffer Market Report include moving averages?
No, we consider time and price most important. We consider what the price is doing right now and in what time frame to be more efficient. In our opinion, moving averages are lagging indicators and calculate where the price has been.

What methods of payments do you accept?
We use Paypal as our payment processor as they facilitate a wide variety of payment options including credit/debit cards or a checking account as a third party.

How do I subscribe?
Please click on this link:

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